Ethiopia Ardi
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Ethiopia Ardi

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 We like to think of naturally processed Ethiopian coffee’s as the turning point for any coffee drinker. Some of our favorite experiences in coffee stem from our customer’s first experience with black coffee, specifically natural coffee. A naturally processed coffee holds on to distinct fruity characteristics because the coffee beans dry with the fruit intact. The Ardi is a clean, well balanced coffee with a distinct sweetness. It has notes of strawberry jam, nectarine and milk chocolate, this coffee is sure to shock and please. We enjoy this coffee as a pour over.


  • Region: Sidama
  • Varietal: Heirloom
  • Elevation: 1750-1950 MASL
  • Farmer: Collective
  • Process: Natural, Grade 1
  • Tasting Notes: Strawberry Jam, Nectarine, Milk Chocolate
  • Harvest: September - January 2017
  • Contents: 300g whole bean