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Tanzania Kilimanjaro PB

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Hence the name, this coffee is grown on the southern slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. Using volcanic soil, indigenous shade trees and glacier-fed water, this plantation thrives! They strive for environmental efficiency and have set the standard for many other neighboring farms. These folks have a lot to be proud of, we're super proud to serve their coffee!

We make a differentiation when speaking about PB (peaberry) coffee's because it is such a desirable trait when seeking out coffees. Typically inherent to Tanzanian coffee or Kenyan coffee's, peaberry has long been called a defect of the seed but without the negative connotation. This "defect" happens when one seed grows within the coffee cherry rather than two beans growing together.  Two beans growing in one cherry make the traditional coffee bean shape, with one round side and one flat. The peaberry seed growing alone creates a round and small coffee bean. 

  • Region: Kilimanjaro 
  • Varietal: KP, N39, Batian
  • Elevation: 2000 - 2500 MASL
  • Farmer: Mount Kilimanjaro Estate
  • Process: Fully Washed 
  • Tasting Notes: Milk chocolate, raisin, stone fruit, baking spice
  • Harvest: 2018-2019
  • Contents: 12oz whole bean or ground