Lakeland Room Rental

Concord's Conference is available for meetings, workshops, classes, readings and private parties. The room rental is subject to availability as our events and classes take priority. For-profit organizations and individuals, the rental fee for the conference room from Monday to Friday is $50/hr and on weekends $75/hr during normal business hours. You can add an urn of Coffee with cups for an extra $30. Non-profit organizations can have the rental fee waived from Monday-Saturday during normal business hours when the room is reserved for a large party (at least 8 people) and have a minimum of $25 in drink orders. You can add an urn of Coffee with cups for an extra $30. On Sundays* and after hours*, the rental fee for the entire space is $200 for two hours. The option of having a barista at your event is available for $15/hr in addition to the drink tab. *Rental fee on Sundays and after hours cannot be waived. 

  • The max capacity for the conference room is 25; for the entire shop, 49. 
  • To book, fill and submit the following form.
  • Rental fee will be due on the date of event, an hour prior event starting.
  • If you don't hear back from us after a 48hr period, please contact