Brewing How-To

The flavors and nuances of the coffee are released through proper brewing. This starts with freshly roasted whole bean coffee, filtered water, and quality equipment. Here is a simple overview of how to brew your coffee at home and the equipment we recommend:
1. Measure
We recommend 1 part coffee and 16 parts water for a standard pourover. If you are brewing with an automatic drip we suggest 10 grams of coffee for every cup of water.  Shop our favorite scales here
2. Grind
Second, grind your coffee. There are many at-home grinders at a variety of price points. Try to avoid blade grinders, burr grinders work best. Shop our favorite grinders here.
3. Brew
Place your ground coffee into a filter inside your favorite coffee maker or pourover set up. In just a few minutes, your favorite Concord Coffee will be ready for you to enjoy. Be sure and share your cup on Instagram using the hashtag #concordcoffee!
 Tutorial videos are to come! Shop our favorite brewers here.